a few questions we often get asked
Are there tours throughout the whole year?

Yes, there are tours every day, even on public or national holidays 365 days per year.

Do I need to be a very fit to do your tours?

Not really, we had customers ranging from 6 to 83 years already. All our tours are easy and relaxed.

How far in advance do I need to book?

The best is to book as soon as possible in order to avoid fully booked tours. Booking can be done by sending an email to: abc@realasia.net or reservations@realasia.net or info@realasia.net. We encourage customers to book as early as possible.

What is included during the tours?

See our tour schedule on our home page www.realasia.net , but basically everything is included so you dont have to bring anything than a camera and a good sense of humor…

Do I have to bring drinking water?

No, we provide drinking water as well as soft drinks during the tour. We have a balanced tour whereas we stop frequently for drinks, snacks etc. NO alcohol allowed during the tour.

Is it not to warm to cycle?

Not really as while you cycle you are always creating your own wind.

Do we need to bring sun blocks?

No, as we have sun blocks protection 30 or more, with our tour guides.

Do your tour guides carry a first-aid kit?

Yes all our tour guides are equipped with a first-aid kit, even with some other medicines, just in case customers need some.

Do you also cycle in the rainy season?

Yes, we do cycle everyday. Most of the time the rain falls during the evening or night-time. It can be raining at your place and it can be dry at our place (or visa versa). In all the years that we have been doing our tours, all of them went through. After the rain it is always nice and cool, not as probably in your own country were it can be really cold. In case a drizzling rain than we have ponchos for everybody.

Can I make photos or a video on the way?

Sure, no problem. Thai people like it when making photos of them and especially of their children. ALWAYS check the batteries of your cameras/videos before departing your hotel whether it is enough for our tours. From experience people make a lot of photos and it should be a pity when not having enough film or battery.

Can I bring my bag during the tour?

We always advise not to bring anything as everything is included during the tours. You can always store your bag in our office.

Do you provide safety helmets?

Yes, we do have safety helmets for our guests.

Can we also book a private tour?

Sure, we do make special designed tours upon request. Prices depend on the number of participants and for how many hours you would like to do the tour and what you would like to have included. This is a perfect way for a group of friends, relatives or business associates to get to know each other better. Please do ask us.

Do you have baby/children-chairs or children-seats?

Yes we do have baby/children-chairs available for children up to 5 years (depending on the length/weight of the child). For children who are taller we have children-seats at the back with foot-rests.

Do you have children bikes & how old does a child have to be to ride?

We do have 24 and 22 inch children bicycles. If we think that he/she can not do the tour we will ALWAYS advise and therefore refuse the child to participate the tour. He/she can than can sit at the children-seat of one of the parents.